portraiture style

Expecting 32-36 weeks

When a pregnant woman wants to be photographed, they know you are capturing a milestone in their life that can never be replaced. The best time to be photographed is between 32-36 weeks. In the last few weeks your belly grows rapidly preparing for the birth of your child. To avoid any uncomfortable marks on your skin, it is advisable not to wear any tight elastic around the waste at least 1 day before.

We recommend you take time to do your hair and makeup - it's not just the belly that gets photographed! Expecting mothers want to feel beautiful at the same time we want to bring out that special glow a mother to be has when she is pregnant. Pregnancy portraits are not always taken naked, you can wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable in. Choose one or two outfits that you feel really good in for some variety in your photographs.

New Life      4 - 6 weeks young

Photographing a newborn baby is something extraordinary. Their hands and feet are so wrinkled yet so soft, their little bodies are learning to cope with the outside world. Each new born is so unique filled with purity and innocence.

Newborns are best photographed after a sleep and just after a feed however, routines do not regularly exist when babies are very young, so choose the best time for you and your baby and we will be only too happy to accommodate you with the time it takes.

Newborns need to be loved, cuddled and held, this means you are going to be in the photographs too, so make sure you think about your appearance.  The ideal clothing for mums and dads is either black or white or something plain, no patterns or logos preferably as we all know black is very slimming.
“Dads, you will also need to look your best as you will be in the photos too”.
New borns are best photographed between 4 - 6 weeks.

Little Tackers                1 year – pre teens  

Young children are very impressionable and want to feel loved and needed. They are starting to find the feet.  We love to photograph young kids as they do so many funny things during a photo shoot. These are the great memories that need to be captured. Embrace the moment.

Children can get very restless during the photo shoot, it is important to remember to bring a few of their favourite things and something to entertain them.

- Their favourite teddy, pet dog, books, a ball, toys, blanket, doll, keys or whatever will help to relax them. Best time to photograph
- Young children - Early morning
- Older children - Usually anytime of the day.

Grown Up             Teen – Adult

Bring the family portrait up to date with a stylish yet modern photographic session with Phil Dartnell Photography. Anytime is a perfect time to capture memories of the family. We are not always in the same place at the same time however, when we are these are truly treasured moments in our lives.

Avoid clothes that have any busy patterns; especially if worn together!  Ladies should wear full-length, pants or a long skirt.

For Portraits, everyone should wear complimentary colours like – medium shades of blue, burgundy or rusty brown